Products, product listings and product variants


A product (or parent product) is typically a page on your site that your customers can find in the listings/search pages and navigate to.

A product may have configuration options such as size and colour, which are selected as 'options' on this page, but these child products won’t have their own individual URLs.

We recommend that you pass all products first, and then set the product.is_variant parameter to TRUE for all child products.

Product listings

Product listings are overridden product fields for individual stores.

These listings allow Ometria to generate localised product information.

For example, a product might cost £45 in the UK store, and €59 in the French store, or it may also have a different URL, image, title, etc.

Product listings only apply to parent products.


Shopify users can only have one listing per account (i.e. per country).

Product variants

Product variants (or child products) are for shippable SKUs, e.g. a shoe available in eight sizes would have one parent product and eight variants.

If you find that GET requests to retrieve products only return parent products in the response, and not the variant products, add the parameter includeVariants=true, e.g.:

requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, params={'limit':50, 'includeVariants':True})


Products, product listings and product variants may be known by different names depending on your eCommerce provider:

OmetriaMagento (1 and 2)Shopify
Parent productConfigurable productParent SKU
Product listingStore listingListing
Product variant (or child)Simple productChild SKU

Custom integrations may be different again, and vary from client to client.